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What does the coronavirus mean for my mortgage?

Millions of Brits have faced losing their jobs or a reduction in pay as the coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses to take action. Some firms have been forced to close due to the nationwide lockdown, whilst others will have reduced working hours or laid off staff to minimise losses during uncertain times. For some, it […]

5 ways the government is helping the self-employed during the pandemic

The current coronavirus pandemic has had a significant impact on the UK and global economy. If you’re self-employed, you may find that contracts have been paused or that new work has dried up, affecting your finances in the short and long term. However, steps have been taken to provide support to the self-employed that you […]

How to keep yourself safe from scams during the coronavirus pandemic

One of the more unwanted consequences of the recent coronavirus pandemic has been a reported rise in the number of scams. Fraudsters are taking advantage of the panic currently surrounding the virus, with Action Fraud reporting that there were 105 reports of fraud relating to Covid-19 since the beginning of February, with total losses reaching […]

What does coronavirus mean for my pension and retirement?

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to dominate world headlines, here’s what it might mean for your pension and retirement plans. The pandemic has created uncertainty in economies around the globe. As a result, stock markets have experienced shocks and over the last few weeks have seen significant falls. Fears of a recession following the pandemic […]

Should I pay off my mortgage or invest the money?

If you find yourself with a lump sum – perhaps through an inheritance, a bonus or because an investment has matured – you may be wondering what you should do with it. One of the common questions that we’re asked is ‘should I pay off my mortgage with a lump sum, or should I invest […]

Last-time buyers: Why move in later life and what challenges will you face?

The difficulties experienced by millennials looking to get onto the housing ladder are well-documented. But as first-time buyers struggle with a lack of affordable housing and the difficulty in saving a deposit, different challenges face those at the other end of the housing market: so-called ‘last-time buyers’. A recent report by the Intermediary Mortgage Lenders […]

Financial planning: Why do you need to revisit your plan?

Financial planning is essential at all stages of life. Speaking to an adviser can help you focus on your financial goals and give you the means to achieve them. But the hard work doesn’t stop once the plan is in place. It’s just as essential that you revisit your plan, and that you do so […]

3 things to consider when choosing an ISA

ISAs (Individual Savings Accounts) have been around for more than twenty years, but they’re still a key part of financial plans. However, it’s still important to choose the right ISA for you. The key advantage of saving or investing through an ISA is that they’re tax-efficient. You don’t pay Income or Capital Gains Tax on […]